The IPPU membership enables you to enhance your career prospects and gain recognition in the field of Procurement and Professionalism.
With opportunities for continuing professional development at all levels, you can develop your skills and knowledge and increase your earning potential.

IPPU Membership Benefits
  • Recognition as a member of a profession body for Procurement.
  • Membership of a pool of professionals with whom you can share experiences and discuss problems.
  • Expand your network with in-house peers, gather with local in-house professionals and practitioners at various functions, or benefit from the expertise of your fellow in-house members through Member to Member interactions.
  • Gain quick access to best Procurement practices.
  • Broaden your Professional horizons through our local CPD programs and through IPPU’s Annual Meeting programs.
  • Access to the IPPU materials e.g. Library, web site.
  • Continuing Professional Development Programmes (CPD)
  • Free advisory service on matters related to the profession for IPPU members.
  • Members will have access to IPPU’s national and International contacts.
  • Access to IPPU database which may contain vacancies from prospective employers as well as enquiries from professionals looking for employment.
  • Right to vote at the IPPU general meetings and be part of decision making in the profession.
  • Membership certificate, IPPU Code of Conduct and a membership card.
  • 10.Recommendation of IPPU members to prospective employees for their distinguished work experience, outstanding performance or contribution in the field of Procurement and Supply Management.
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