The Institute of Procurement Professionals of Uganda (IPPU) is an organisation incorporated on 4th April, 2008 as a company limited by guarantee. It was established to bring together both the Public and Private sector Procurement Professionals in Uganda.

The purpose of the Institute is to excel in promoting professionalism in the Procurement and Supply Chain Management by promoting professional development through world class service and superior service delivery. The organisations’ main objective is to prescribe, regulate the practice and conduct of members of the procurement profession and to promote procurement professional standards in Uganda.

As a leading professional body for procurement professionals in Uganda, we are committed to professional development of the industry. The credibility of the procurement profession is fundamentally based on the commitment of individual members to continuing self improvement.

Introduction to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with hours
Continuing Professional Development is a life long process of improvement through various learning experiences. CPD combines different methodologies to learning such as short training courses, seminars, conferences, e-learning programs, workshops, lectures, symposia, etc

Professionals across all sectors are aware of the importance of training and development and the need to stay effective and competitive in the workplace. As a result of this, and industry needs as well as customer needs and trends, all professions have embraced Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) programmes in one way or the other.

IPPU CPDs are desirable for every procurement professional and practitioner. It’s a benchmark for procurement professionalism.

 CPD Category Activity type How many CPD hours
Knowledge, Skills & Personal development Training course, Conference, Seminar, Lecture, Workshop, Symposium 20CPD hours

The essential principles are:

C – Continuing

Members demonstrate their commitment to developing their procurement competency through the virtuous circle of CPD
professional development is continuous in the sense that members actively seek to improve their knowledge, skills and performance
regular investment of time and learning is seen as an essential part of professional life, not as an optional extra.

P – Professional
Members show an active interest in the internal and external environment and in the continuous development and improvement of self and others at both organisation and individual levels
outcomes should reflect on the Procurement Profession
learning objectives should be clear and serve individual and ideally, client and organisational needs.
D – Development
The starting point is a realistic assessment of what needs to be learnt in order to meet the demands of the ever-changing professional and business worlds
development is owned and managed by the individual, learning from all experiences, combined with reflection as key activities
working effectively and inclusively with colleagues, clients, stakeholders, customers, teams and individuals both within and outside of the organisation.
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